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This is our time. No turning back. We could live, we could live like legends!
Elizabeth Sarai Pavlenco was born into the pretty well known and rich Pavlenco line in Romania. She is one of six children born to Sveyen and Annabelle Pavlenco. She has an older brother, an older sister, a twin brother, a younger sister, and a younger brother. From the very beginning the Pavlenco children only had the very best. They had the best tutors, they were the top of society. The Pavlenco line had been involved in the horse racing industry for many generations and had made a small fortune out of sheer luck and of course some well placed talent. It was pretty much predetermined that if you were born a Pavlenco, your life would have something to do with horses.

Eliza learned to ride at a very young age and spent much of time out with the horses. She was a fearless child and willing to ride anything and everything. People used to even dare her and make bets that she couldn't ride a certain horse. She never hesitated to take on those bets, most often winning them. She gained the nickname Velcro because she rarely came off of a horse. Seeming to stick to them like velcro even when they were trying their darndest to get rid of her.

Eliza had what you would call a privileged childhood. She never knew struggle of any kind really. She never had to worry about money troubles, she never had to fret like other children might. Anything she wanted, she got. Despite this she stayed a humble and kind child. Sure she was a little bit cocky and confident, but it was all in good fun. She had been taught not to ever apologize for being good at something and to always strive to be the best.

She started exercising her families horses when she was ten. Around that same time she started learning to train as well. Her dream was to become a jockey, but she wanted to understand the dynamics behind these horses too. She didn't just want to get on and go, she wanted to know how they worked and why. How were they trained? What did they expect from her? The horses took well to her and she wasn't afraid of any of them. Most of them had quirks and some were downright nasty. She didn't care. She would ride them all.

At sixteen she became an apprentice jockey at the local racetrack and started riding in small races. She worked her way up the ranks and started to make a name for herself. She tested for her jockey license and got it. She started riding in bigger and bigger races. Other stables started asking for her to ride for them. She stayed local at first and then started riding nationally and then internationally. The dream? To ride in and win the Triple Crown of course. But there are many American races she wants to compete in and win.

Now at twenty two, she has finished school, completed some college. She has cleaned up at most of the racetracks around her and she is ready to take on the American racing circuit. One of the most prestigious in the world. Many great jockeys have tried to make it to the top of the circuit and have fallen short. Being a jockey is not all glitz and glamour. Eliza had taken her fair share of spills. Torn ligaments, broken bones, cracked ribs, bruises. Everything. But that is the name of the game and it is her passion in life. Could it kill her someday? Of course! But so could a car accident, or a mugger. She lives her life one ride at a time and doesn't focus on the what ifs.

Eliza has made her way to America with a work visa to be a jockey for Thorne Lohrasbe. She hopes to be just as successful in this new step of her life as she has been in all the steps she has taken up to this point. She is dedicated and willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears.