monthly spotlights #002, due on january 6th at 11:59 pm est
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monthly spotlights
due on january 6th at 11:59 pm est
So the month kinda got away from me again, and now it's gonna be late - but, that aside, it's time to nominate some people for spotlights! People who are currently in the spotlight are not allowed to be nominated. Nominees earn 10 points for every nomination they earn, and those that wind up in the spotlight win an additional 50 points. Winners will be featured in the pop up that shows when you click the star beneath the chat. High point rider and horse combos will be determined by the points in our high point spreadsheet and will also earn points as outlaid below:

Points leader: 50 points
Points 2nd: 30 points
Points 3rd: 20 points
Points 4th: 15 points
Points 5th: 10 points

And, you know, high points are already set so I'll get those up soonish!

That said, to nominate people, I ask that you message me or post your nominations here. It's up to you. You may choose to fill out all or none of the nomination fields and you may have three nominations per field. If you wish to place a reason for each nomination, please do! Any private nominations will be kept anonymous, but comments will be sent to the appropriate players so that they can see what everyone else thinks! The winner of each nomination may not necessarily be the one with the most nominations; instead, it will be randomized based on nominations (so if you get two nominations, you have two chances of winning!). The fields are as follows:

Member: one of our site's members who you think is awesome!
Character: any character who is completed that you think is super cool!
Relationship: your fav relationship on the site! Can be friends, lovers, or enemies!
Thread: any thread you love to read!
Moment: the best moment on site - in the chat, ooc, or ic, your pick!

Okay, now that that's all clear, here's the form to fill out! It works for PMs and for posts. If you have me on a messaging system, you can send it there too! Totally fine, I'm flexible for it.


[u][b]Member Nominations[/b][/u]
Nominations here

[u][b]Character Nominations[/b][/u]
Nominations here

[u][b]Relationship Nominations[/b][/u]
Nominations here

[u][b]Thread Nominations[/b][/u]
Nominations here

[u][b]Moment Nominations[/b][/u]
Nominations here
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Member Nominations
  • brea, for joining and putting up with my shitty habit of not posting
  • pixel, for being a fabulous mod and heartland faces
  • kam, because we haven't done anything yet but i'm hella here for thorne and apollo's brotp-ness
Character Nominations
  • apollo rivers, because adam driver, need i say more?
  • rené pellegrino, because liberty work!!!
  • mason wilder, because pixel's been waiting forever for me to make kinsley for him
Relationship Nominations
  • charlie greene & laramie greene, because sister goals
  • thorne lohrasbe & elizabeth pavlenco, because i'm amused
  • thorne lohrasbe & avery hayes, because she still doesn't know he ever had a crush on her
Thread NominationsMoment Nominations
  • i'm nominating connie britton in a santa hat again
  • "don't have a fit over the image-less board" ~lux, 2k16
  • whoever wrote on the graffiti wall about thorne and eloise hooking up under the bleachers or something
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