auction process
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auction process
Auctions are a great place to get horses for a lower price. In real life, these auctions are frequently visited by meat dealers and feature horses that may not be sound - physically or mentally. However, here on Second Hand Fame, we use them as a way to get premade horses of varying levels for prices that are potentially lower than the store prices. These horses are not necessarily badly off and, if no one buys them, no big deal. They are pieces of fiction; we'll just assume someone else bought them instead.

how it works

STEP ONE A staff member of SHF will create an auction with a random number of horses. These horses will have all of their "stats" already decided: show name, age, breed, color, markings, previous training, and level they are qualified to show. They will also have a starting price.

STEP TWO The auction will be open and members may post in the auction thread with their bids. Bids will be made in site points, so this is primarily done out of character, however, you should be posting on the account of the character you wish to win the horse. You are allowed to compile the needed points from multiple accounts, however, if you need to.

STEP THREE The staff will close the auction once there have been no new bids in 24 hours. This means that each horse's auction may end at a different time, as this timer is for each individual horse. Be quick, or you'll miss your chance! Once each horse's auction has closed, the points will be deducted and the horse will be edited into the appropriate character's horse listing. The staff will not pick a barn name or the stable the horse is at, so please edit these details in as promptly as possible.

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