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This is our time. No turning back. We could live, we could live like legends!
he plane from Romania had literally touched ground and Eliza had gone straight to her hotel room, dropped off her bags, and caught a cab to Century Hill Stables. She knew that first things first, she needed to find Thorne Lohrasbe. Everyone knew Thorne, everyone had heard about her. The once great jockey that had been injured so bad that she had never been able to return to horse racing as a jockey again. She had become a well known trainer and owner of the animals instead. Now Eliza was here to convince the woman to give her a job as a jockey on her team. This would her first time riding on the American circuit and she wanted to ride for Thorne. No really wasn't an option.

She needed to get a job so that she could fulfill her work visa and make sure she had a place for her gelding when he arrived. It had been impossible for her to leave him behind, he held a special place in her heart for him. Thank goodness she had spent her entire childhood with tutors that had taught her English. She was fluent in a number of languages actually. Her English was good, but that didn't mean she didn't still have a thick accent.

The cab dropped her off at the drive and she took a deep breath before heading to the training area to see if she could find Thorne. She knew who she was looking for, not that woman was expecting her. She just hoped that she was here today otherwise it would be kind of a wasted trip. She spotted some exercise riders on the track and angle her way that direction. Usually if their were riders on the track, the trainer would be nearby. She watched the riders carefully, noting their strengths, their weaknesses. She could spot what they were doing wrong, how they could fix it, how to get more out of their mount. Much like these horses had been bred and raised to do this, to race, she had been born to ride them. It was in her blood. She was a Pavlenco and racehorses was what they did.

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