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creation process
We don't have a traditional application of any kind here on Second Hand Fame. As such, we've provided a checklist of sorts below for you to go through, so you know you're getting everything done that needs to be done!

the profile

First step if your profile. This is the main account profile. Most of the fields are mandatory, and a number of them are requested on the registration form. However, if you need to change those, you can do so now without issue. Most of the spaces are short and simple. There are two mandatory links (shipper and member directory link). You won't have at least one of these yet, and that's okay. Just put N/A so that it will let you save your changes. The longest section is the freeform. This can be anything you want: a history, a personality, a story, a series of letters, a collection of quotes... anything to give us some insight into the character. Just like a freeform application.

You will note there are two non-mandatory spaces: wanted ad URL and development URL. These remain optional, but are useful if you have these things.

the shipper

We also require each character to have a shipper. We have a shipper code that you can use, however you can use any shipper code you want, so long as it includes certain basic information (character's name, age, gender, pronouns, and sexuality). It should include friends, enemies, and lovers, and preferably a little about section as well. Other sections are optional and your choice. It will be sorted when your character is accepted. When it comes to replying, we do ask that our shipper reply code be used. For convenience, it has been pinned as an announcement. Additionally, for ease of following a plot conversation, we ask that you post in the same shipper where the conversation started. For example, if Sally posts in Bob's shipper, then Bob would reply in his own shipper, not in Sally's.

where do i post my shipper?

You do not post your shipper in the appropriate sub-forum in 'Connections'. Instead, you post it in the Registration board. If both your profile and shipper are filled out completely, you post it in Completed. If one or both of those things is not complete, then you post in Work in Progress. Once both are complete, you can post in the shipper, message a staff member, or flag a staff member in the chat to let us know and we'll get to it ASAP!
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