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His saddle sat on the fence, forgotten. He hadn't even bothered to bring a bridle out for her. Instead, Kallypso wore nothing with her halter with two reins buckled onto the D rings. Rene himself wasn't strictly dressed for riding -- the hem of his jeans covered the tops of his paddock boots and he wore nothing but a tank top. He possessed naturally olive-toned skin, but the constant exposure to the hot Florida sun had caused them to take on an even richer texture. He wore a baseball cap backward to keep his hair -- currently in that awkward in-between length -- out of his face. He carried a lunge whip, but the line lay in the corner with dirt already piling on top of it. It was mid-morning, but he still didn't have much of an audience.

He sent her away from him by snapping the whip close to the ground, but in the direction of her rump. Her ears flicked behind her, towards him, but she continued to move in the opposite direction. Uncertain, yet trusting him. This was not the first time that they had done this. He halted her with a voice command and then whistled, the signal to come to him. For a moment, she stood there, then turned on her hindquarters and came walking back to him. After lots of praise, Rene took off at a walk and Kallypso followed him without question.

He led her to each and every jump that was set up, creating a combination. They stopped at least one and he scratched her along the crest. Once he was finished, he sent her from him again, this time without the whip, halted her, and brought her back with a whistle. Instead of making her bow, he pushed his body horizontally across her back and pulled his legs over her barrel, mounting from the ground.

He had tied the reins in a knot high up on her crest. He kept one hand woven in with her mane and the other free, ready to grasp the reins if he needed to. The jumps were low, but he wasn't concerned with her ability to clear obstacles With a gentle nudge, he set her trotting toward the first X, which she hopped over without incident and keeping his leg aids as light as possible, he turned her towards the vertical. In performance, he would use more leg, ut he wanted to bring her sensitivity to the next level, so that she would respond first to weight changes and voice commands.

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He'd been making leaps and bounds of progress with Imp, though the gelding seemed constantly reluctant. The second he was in the saddle, he still wanted to run. He'd channeled that energy into teaching the thoroughbred how to run barrels and that meant training was going great... except the fact where he still wouldn't quite walk right away. Not until after a good workout. And that meant that, today, he was bringing the thoroughbred in with a lounge line in the hopes of burning some energy before he got on.

He was part way out to the arena when he noted someone else was there; Rene, by the looks of it. He smiled a little, pausing by the gate to ensure it was safe to enter without getting in the way, then slipped in quickly as he could and out of the way. He watched a moment, holding Imp still and watch, entranced. Even though he did liberty work himself, it still amazed him to watch. This was no exception. He smiled a little and waved when he got the chance.

I hope you don't mind me joining you. Just need to get some energy off this one.

He chuckled a little even as Imp danced beside him, hind end swinging this way and that, more than impatient to get going. The opposite of Avery, really. It was probably why they managed to clash most of the time, though he was making it work anyway.

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