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'Riding for me, is like breathing air for you.'
Jennifer was born in the United States, in California. She went through schooling, and in middle school, got hooked on the equestrian sport known as dressage. She begged her parents for lessons, until they finally let her take them. She excelled at it, quickly becoming an exceptional rider. Whilst in high school, she began working after school. Jennifer was working towards buying her own car and horse. After three years of hard work, and saving up birthday, Christmas, and other money she earned, she finally had enough to buy a horse and an older car. The mare she bought was from auction, and weirdly enough, came with the tack the owner got for her. Her name was Lace, and she was a huge 16.3 bay Saddlebred mare. The mare was hotter than anything Jen had ridden before, but she was used to riding different horses as her trainer often switched her around horses each time she rode. After a year, the mare settled down, and Jen tried her hand at taking Lace to a dressage show. The pair did well, but as they went to more shows, Lace started reverting back to old traits that Jen got rid of. Sadly deciding that the mare wouldn't work for what she wanted to do, Jennifer sold the mare at a low price to a good home with the option to buy the mare back if she was ever sold. After going to a university in Kentucky for ESL and Applied linguistics majors with a minor in Arabic, she got a job in a large town near Welington. Jennifer purchased a Morgan mare the year she got there. She later purchased Jasmine a year later. Just after moving to the large town, she met a guy named Mark who was a ballroom dancer. They met at a coffee shop, and the two exchanged phone numbers. After six months of texting and being friends, they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Mark and Jen meet up whenever they could, and a year and a half later, Mark proposed at a nice restaurant after he took her dancing. She accepted, just as she decided to find a different place to board her horses, not happy with how they were being treated by the staff at the barn. They decided to have the wedding in the summer, giving them plenty of time to plan and such, especially since Mark was traveling all over doing dance competitions. Jen moved Jasmine and Poplar to Greystone Acres, and is renting a small apartment just within thirty minutes of the barn.

Jennifer has a very odd sense of humor. It's dark, and often means she doesn't have many friends. She's nice, and loves teaching. Jennifer is funny, and she doesn't tolerate people not trying their best. She doesn't like it when her students don't try in her class, and will try whatever she can, to get her students to engage and have fun learning. She loves riding; it's one of her passions, along with reading. However, she can't cook to save her life. Not after she almost burnt down the apartment complex she was living in, and she hasn't tried cooking again yet, preferring to use microwaveable foods or ordering take-out. Jen loves Chinese food, and other ethnic foods. She's very friendly to everyone, and doesn't judge anyone until she meets them for herself, something that teaching taught her just after she got out of college with a job.